Caspari McCormick Philosophy

We’ve seen marketing done in all kinds of different ways.

There are companies that trot out time-tested ideas that have long lost the impact that something truly new can make. They trust that the anvil of sheer media weight will drive their products into the consumer mindset.

There are companies that are looking for attention – both for the clients they work for and, not incidentally, for themselves.  They believe that making a splash – however strategically directed – is the only way to make a modest budget work.

We believe there is a middle ground. One that respects the strategic need without sacrificing breakthrough creative. One that would rather stoke a long-term fire than fuel a momentary explosion. One that welcomes the input of clients and treats them as partners to be respected instead of an inconvenient something to be managed.

We believe that sharp strategic direction is the cutting edge of breakthrough creative.  We believe that award-winning work is not an end in itself, but an indispensible way to get the most out of ever-shrinking budgets.

We believe it is not enough to communicate what a client needs to say, but that brands truly speak in the tone that we choose to express it.  And that the only way to strike the right tone comes from direct interaction between the client and the creatives who do the work.

We believe in doing smart work, but understand that, for any marketing endeavor to work, it must reach both the brain and the heart.

We believe that marketing, thoughtfully applied by people who respect the craft, can achieve amazing results. And we gain satisfaction not just from the work we do, but from seeing the way that work helps a client’s business grow.