Delaware Symphony Orchestra

Backyard Ad
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Backyard Ad
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Lollipop Family Orchestra
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The Last Elephant Ad
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DSO 911 Tribute Concert
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Delaware isn’t the place where you’d expect to find world-class soloists, but owing to its location between New York and Washington, D.C., many ¬†of them stop through Wilmington, DE to perform with the Delaware Symphony Orchestra. Combining arresting visuals with a straightforward headline that revealed this underappreciated fact, our Backyard campaign created a highly successful season for a revitalized DSO.

Another ad in the Backyard campaign. By finding stock shots where the artists’ publicity pictures seemed to fit right in, we created unique visuals inexpensively.

It’s always a challenge for symphonies to find new audiences, a job that’s easier if the advertising feels a little bit new itself. For the symphony’s Lollipop Family Concerts, we created a family of lollipops, tempering the symphony’s dignified typeface with a message designed to appeal to a less formal audience. The headline reads: “Bring the family. Even the little suckers.”

Another example of our irreverent style, which helped make our children’s series a great success. Some parents really did cut out the trunk and bring it — together with their children, of course — to our showing of “The Last Elephant.”

In the aftermath of 9/11, a snap decision was made to turn one of the year’s first concerts into a free tribute concert. Our flag ad was so popular, we created it as a giveaway poster — and lines for the concert went around the block at Wilmington’s Grand Opera House.