CarSense Uwchland, PA
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A pioneer in no-haggle sales for high-quality preowned cars, CarSense is one of Pennsylvania’s largest used car brands, operating in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Caspari McCormick has acted as agency of record for CarSense since its inception over 15 years ago.

There are two types of car buyers: those knowledgeable about cars, who welcome the usual combative sales process, and those who shy away from haggling. We developed a positioning to appeal to the latter group, employing the tagline “One less thing in life to negotiate.”

CarSense communications are characterized by humor and cleanliness of design, reflecting the honest and friendly personality of the store itself.

Because a barrier to used car sales is quality of the vehicles, CarSense guarantees are sometimes better than new cars. The Lifetime Engine Guarantee gives customers piece of mind, and has proven even more popular than broader but shorter duration coverage options.

We help engineer new products for CarSense, consistent with the innovative thinking customers have come to expect from the brand. The E-Service Predictor – ESP for short – reminds customers of service needs automatically and, through regular communications, is designed to draw customers into a sense of community.

While we didn’t create the original logo, environmental design is part of what we do to ensure brand consistency. We are blessed to have a client who works to guarantee what’s delivered in stores is consistent with the promises made via marketing channels, resulting in phenomenal success. Many years have seen double digit sales increases.