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Stock you can rent. Originals you can own.

Seems over the last few sagging economy driven years our business has lost the desire for that irreplaceable, worth a thousand words, says it without a sound, thing we in the biz like to refer to as “an original image”.  Not sure it’s the uncertainty of budgets, the lack of energy or even a shortage of courage that’s behind it. I know for certain that I’ve seen the same stock image used for two (maybe three!) different healthcare products. We all face the same barriers – “There’s no time”, “There’s no money”, “They’ll never go for that”. There’s even the “We’ve got plenty of images my nephew the photographer took”. Ahh, but there’s hope. There’s desire. There’s the unrelenting designers and art directors who refuse to accept the roadblocks. Witness the college freshman who’s enthusiasm and hardwork led her to tracking down an agency and a photographer to help her bring her campaign (Figure 1 – a contest of all things) to life – with almost no cash.

Then there’s the shoot that appears when it was guaranteed there’s no budget, time or @%!*#!ing way we can do a shoot. (See figure 2). It matters. It’s your brand. It’s what makes your campaign yours. In the end it’s what makes your product/brand own its own real estate.

When you own, you can hang anything you want on the walls.